I wish I knew then what I know now

In my mind things would be different somehow

Is it true, or would things still be the same

I guess I’ll never know, I’ll just carry around this shame

I miss you more than I have words to say

In my mind, you’ll always be my honey bunny forever and a day

It saddens me that when you look back at the past, it’s full of abandonment and fear

For me when I look at the past I see happiness, laughter and I just want you near

How did I miss so much, where did I go wrong

What was keeping my attention away from you for so long

I wish I knew now, what I didnt know then, maybe I could have changed things somehow

But you’re gone and I’m still here

Alife without you, I too am full of fear

There’s not much happiness or laughter going on in my heart

Because without you it’s just torn apart

You are still my honey bunny, my sweet sugar bug

I’m grateful for the memories I keep in my heart warm and snug

Farewell my sweet darling, I wish you well

I pray every day you don’t have to feel this hell

Forgive me if you can, forget me better yet

If it releases you from your pain, then my prayers have been met

To make you happy my love, this sorrow I’ll gothrough

Never seeing you again ( at your request), I will do for you.


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