All mine are gone now

I looked out my window and what did I see? Skinless faces staring back at me.

Confused and lost, a tragic scene. All awaiting their Dark Messiah King?

Little babies screamed and yelled, give us Heaven or give us Hell.

I’m so close to such evil and horror that we could almost touch, but somehow I’ve been unnoticed by hiding inside some kind of cell.

I’m so alone in this world, all mine are gone now.

There may be others like me, but I’m too afraid to find out or try to escape somehow. 

What I want to do is run away, yell and scream! 

“Where are my people, I don’t fit in. Was I dropped off to suffer or is this a bad dream”?

How did life lead me to this point, how come I’m alone…why is it just me? 

I’m terrified to look out my window again, still haunted by those faces I saw. I’m  conflicted inside and afraid of what I will see. 

Perhaps, they’re gone and no one’s out there, maybe it was my imagination, or maybe it was really a  reflection of me.

I’ve tired and weakened from the trauma I’ve endured. I’m frozen, I can’t move, i’m paralyzed, and I can’t break free.

Society is putrid and people cause pain.

Understanding or joining might make me the same. 

I don’t want to be the walking dead, but perhaps I already am.

They just mumble and moan weird words, utterly focused on sum invisible nothingness. I don’t understand.

Such confusion and chaos all around me. Seems no one here interacts, it is so odd. They just wonder around and do whatever they want… and no one even seems to care.

Its as if they were mindless cattle, victims, waiting for their coming demise. I wonder how they made it here, and how they got caught in this wicked snare.

I’m alone and trapped inside my own head, I am close madness, I’m already feeling insane. 

Distant memories distorted by something I can’t figure out, so intense that it’s causing me excruciating pain.

Up is down and all directions seem blocked.

Why can’t I find a key and open the doors that are locked?

I was raised to fight and be strong but everything’s changed.

As if the light has left the world and now only darkness resides, so cold and astranged.

Do I want to go out among what’s beyond my walls?

Probably not, too afraid to get lost in life’s dark labyrinths halls. 

I am alone in this world, all of mine are gone now. 

No one’s left who would help me to break free, move on or save me somehow.

All alone here I realized it’s all up to me. So too my knee I fell, and with my spirit opened wide, I prayed for forgiveness and for waiting to ask His help for so long.

My final conclusion this place is not my world or home, it can’t be, and this is not where I belong. 

The Lord showed such mercy, he broke off my chains. With Him I now get to go, He’s gentle, loving, kind and very very strong.

He’s carrying me towards a familiar warmth and bright light, im grateful for that, I’m so tired, so weak, everything such a blur, His strength and warmth is so soothing and I’m finally free.

He loves me so much He came to Hell and rescue me

He told why things were so foreign and oðd, that place was intended as a quick stop before going home, but I got distracted then I lost, then I was chained and seduced by fear of this horrific place where darkness meant to make me stay and eternally roam.

I’m so happy now, im light as feather, im warm and secure and won’t ever stray again. It’s just so lovely here and i know I am finally where I belong and I’m finally home.

3 responses to “All mine are gone now”

  1. Beautiful words, thank you

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    1. I was impressed with how much you know about so many things! Your blog is awesome!

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      1. Thanks for the encouragement, that’s so nice, have a good day : )

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