Life Sentence, but for who

Ropes around my legs shackled like a prisoner, bound to a tree.

Eyes covered with a cloth made from wool and razor sharp Debr

Can’t run, can’t see, no noises except except the wind.

Alone I think, no change in two days, death creeping in 

No answers, no help, what else can I do but shout?

Such coldness, hunger, severe thirst, I cry out!

Three days, now four, still here but so weak. 

No rain yet, I will die without something to drink.

I hear voices, coming this way, louder and louder, will rescue be my fate?

A man, a woman, both laughing, will they see me, ɓut suddenly the laughter stopped and the man to his friend,  I didnt too late.

They helppped me though this horrid state.

I scream they hear, footsteps coming closer and faster towords me me.

A woman gasps, she whispers in my ear “we will help you to get free”.

Cloth removed from my eyes, tears of hope flowing.

Ropes cut off, coat wrapped around me, wind stop blowing.

Water tasted so sweet, a protein bar, then help to a car.

I’m free, no questions asked? Just something about thanking my lucky star.

To a hospital, admitted for dehydration and rest.

Police interview, so many questions, I answered my best.

Artist came, pictures on the news, tips came in.

Suspect caught, trial happened, hammer fell, life in jail for him.

14 responses to “Life Sentence, but for who”

  1. Is this poem based on a real experience? It’s very powerful.

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    1. In a roundabout way yes I of course left out a few things and I appreciate your comment poetry is is one of my only outlets right now because I’m Ill and can’t really get up and paint like I used to so I’m writing it’s just cuz I know doesn’t mean that the stuff inside doesn’t need to come out right? No one’s ever asked me that question before you’re very intuitive because actually all of my poems have something to do with a part of my life. I’d really like to write a book I have an idea in mind and it’s not necessarily something that’s happened in my life but it is something that I was afraid would happen and it’s quite a thriller but I don’t know how to even get anybody’s attention or I don’t know what I’m doing here I’ve never done this before so for now I’m just trying to leave something behind in case I go

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      1. Everything will unfold if you just follow inner guidance. 🤗

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  2. I hope your Christmas was wonderful! May your New Year be joyous and bountiful!

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    1. Yours too my friend !

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  3. It has been delightful and I’ve even put something together for you that I’ll be sending soon. I hope the same for you and your family too!


  4. I’m having a hard time figuring out this WordPress because I apparently have three different pages but I have all the same stuff on all three. And I get replies and likes and comments and suggestion pages etc etc from everybody three times but when I respond it’s often from one of the three and I never know which one is going to be. But please know they’re all me, I’m just a goofball and trying to figure out this WordPress app


  5. You sound like I was when I started. In spite of the fact that people and WP say it’s easy to start a blog, it’s a huge learning curve. I’m happy to help, and there are many out here that are, but it might help to take Blogging 101 from WP. Your poem is gut-wrenching. It sounds like a thriller movie. I hope that much of it is fictitious.. Thanks again for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment.

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    1. Thank you Marsha, I just found the blogger training site and will get myself up to speed soon. I’ve had to get help from the Happiness Engineers a few times already because of my mistakes. Being new is hard, awkward and fun at the same time. Thank you for taking time to connect with me. It means a lot to me. 🙂

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      1. You are more than welcome. Anytime you have a question I’m glad to help. I’ve been blogging for almost 11 years now – and I still learn something every day!

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        1. I have so many questions that I hope you don’t regret that offer lol

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