I was a counselor for 15 years

So probably at some point, I plan to start another blog and this will be a focus on gastroparesis esophagitis and other issues that include all GI related problems, cancers and such. I have been dealing with this since 2015 well diagnosed in 2015 , but for the 20 years prior to that having tremendous symptoms that just increased increased and no doctor could identify the source has been quite a journey I picked up a lot of tips and I’ve learned a lot of ways to avoid increasing my own symptoms and how to decrease progression of my own personal conditions but, I am not a doctor! so I’m hoping this will be more like a support group. I definitely won’t be giving any medical advice and I hope no one else will try to do that eithe. When the time comes and I do start this blog I hope there will be folks that will get some emotional relief and support. It’s really hard when you think you’re the only one, however, it’s really sad but helpful finding out you’re not. If that even makes sense. I don’t believe misery loves comfort but I do believe that the miserable can certainly give and recieve comfort. As much as I prefer isolation, the bottom line is people need people and when I’m alone in a room with myself and I’m left to my own thinking sometimes that’s the worst place to be cuz I’m alone with a lunatic. So, I might not hear much from you for a while or you might hear Too Much LOL hard saying the recovery from this is probably painful and I don’t know how I will react or respond physically nor do I know if I’ll post a bunch of weird stuff because when I’m in pain physically oftentimes I say or do things cuckoo and don’t realize it until later but once it’s online you can’t take it off so bear with me folks. Signing off in a much better place for today. Positive attitude, hopeful future and I don’t care that I didn’t punctuate well in this post actually I’m kind of proud of it. Who doesn’t love run-on sentences and dangling participials etc etc etc okay I crack myself up. I don’t even know if i dangled anything at all hahaha

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  1. Sending good thoughts your way

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    1. Thank you my friend πŸ™‚


  2. Sorry to hear about your issues. I have been suffering from upper GI issues for more than a decade. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I hope you find healing soon!

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    1. Thank you and I appreciate that you commented and took the time because I think a lot of people have issues and don’t know where to turn and doctors don’t always have the answers so during the journey having people to talk to about it I think can make a big difference in general of our well-being and help us feell supported while we bide our time until the doctors can figure things out out.


  3. wow that’s a lot and I know your story will help others. do keep sharing and take good care. lol I’m a queen of run on sentences and misspelled words.. lol
    but try to correct on media sites most often.. πŸ˜†

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    1. Yeah, some days I just do it I guess because I’m a brat. Some days I just want to be a brat, and I know I’m running on my sentence and I’m not using punctuation and I’m misspelling words and I’m intentionally using voice to text so it uses words that I don’t even mean to use and then I don’t proofread because I don’t want too and I figure somebody will read this and it’s going to drive them nuts and then I feel for some reason better. See I just did it again. This time I’m just having sum fun, not cuz im want to be a brat.
      I read something, I think it was yesterday… and just one word this guy wrote sent me straight from pity pot-brat face-snot-nosed brat girl to belly laughing happy girl and it was so cool. He intentionally misspelled a word and in parentheses he wrote misspelled on purpose. Instead of things he wrote the word Tings which made the whole blog entry something entirely different and I got it. I cannot tell you why but I literally laughed, i meN belly laughed for 5 minutes and it was exactly at a moment when I was at my worst! I let him know how much it impacted me and thanked him ferociously, feverishly, fervently, Idk.. I didn’t really use any of those words but I was trying to come up with some kind of f word to describe the impact and couldn’t so I just said Thank you mostly lol. When I started this reply I was trying to replay full but turns out, I can’t tell you if I’m making sense or if this is capturing any of my punctuation cuz I’m using voice to text and I can’t find my glasses. So I can’t even edit this but I am trying to be playful, but I might be doing a bunch of errors but they’re not intentional this time and I’m not trying to be a brat. OMGellyfish, do I ever shut up? I am dangerous when it comes to voice to text you should hear me on answering machine I mean nobody wants to hear me on answering machine actually cuz I go on and on and on and on like right now, okay I’m stopping… no really I am. Good night my dear friend and thank you for being my dear friend. πŸ™‚


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