Yes my political views have changed

I no longer feel as though our government supports the Constitution or our peoplie. I do not believe our government is or has been what was originally intended to be for a very long time and it breaks my heart. I do not like it when they bicker her back and forth, when they say bad things about each other, nor do I like it when they lie or make promises and break them. I don’t believe that we are a free Nation, we are Freer than most yes, but I do not believe that it’s as cut and dried as I once did. It’s as if a veil has lifted and politicians are human I know, but that doesn’t excuse the behaviors and all of the passive aggressive actions and statements they’ve made about and to each other. I think their attention should be on how to make our nation great again and start showing some integrity clarity and kindness within our borders and Beyond. I love America but I do not love the way it’s being managed nor have I love the way it’s been managed for quite a while and I don’t feel like my boat matters anymore and I don’t feel like we are heard. Thank you for asking that question I hope I didn’t offend anyone, this is just one girls broken hearted answer to a very general question.

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