1 before 2

Today I'm afraid. I need this surgery but I'm still afraid. Just saying this for myself, well, here goes with #1...then comes the BIG one .

The fear was real and the pain was significant but the courage was instilled in me to be able to handle both or I would not have made it through either so the question is was the juice worth the squeeze hmm at this very moment I’m in so much pain I’m uncertain but I think a little later I think it will be a yes I think the juice will have been worth the squeeze when this is all done and said if I can stay strong enough to do the second half

3 responses to “1 before 2”

  1. love the metaphor Isteb “I think the juice will have been worth the squeeze when this is all done”

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    1. Thank you… it’s kind of one of my mantras let’s see there’s number one which is it’s never a good day to stab anybody in the neck number two it’s never a good day to go to jail number three is the juice really worth the squeeze and last but not least whenever the words I was thinking come out of my mouth I know I better balance it the next sentence off of four different people’s brains before I decide what the solution or answer really is. That sums me up in a nutshell how about you?

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      1. Makes sense and good idea! I’m great isteb!! Thanks for asking! Enjoying the squeeze of the grapefruit and Apple, lemon, ginger juice this morning.. thanks! ❤️

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