I just want to go home

I just want to go home where my spirit is free to Rome. I don’t want to live here anymore inside this body so riddled with death and sore. Every move is that over tearing nine bird fighting into my flesh and I have this image of Heaven as being different light and love air fresh. I just want to go home I love the beauty saturate me deep to my soul and allow it to roam. Yes I am in the hospital again and yes it hurts and there seems to be no end and yes my Father in heaven’s grace is sufficient for me but my body is failing me rapidly and I just want to be with him home his arms and free please take me to father please take me soon before I do something to cause my ruin Pierce don’t let me stay here so long that I do something to make it so I can’t be with you please the pain is so intense and there is no relief I want to be a woman of integrity and show others how you are sufficient picture of Grace is Enough even in the hardest painful times but I’m starting to not be able to do that Lord and I need you so to change me through and through help me Lord and take me home or push me to grow either way let me know please let me know I’m not even forgotten than that you love me so for you all the only love of my life my daughter is no longer my husband is temporal just like me or just fainting fainting with air in eternity you’re the only constant the only one in control I need you so badly I need you to know I hurt I’m overwhelmed I’m dying in my own please brother please show me how to live or take me home I know there’s no punctuation I know there’s but on sentence that I dangle my participials and nothing seems to rhyme I don’t care not this one not this time this is my heart this is my heart begging stay in the universe carry my message of God’s not looking at me ask him to please if you pray please pray for me pray that I will be set free whether it’s a spirited body and soul in mind I don’t care to sleep I don’t want my mind I don’t want to lose my soul to the adversary and he’s pecking and pinching and dabbing me so and I just need soothing since a protection wall I’m begging my friends my unfriends whoever will read please send me home prayers so I can succeed amen

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