If you had the power to change one law, what would it be and why?

I would change the amount of time that the political politician people are allowed to stay in politics, yep that’s it that’s the one I would do. I am aware there is a time limit on a few positions in our government but for the most part there’s not and it’s becoming very clear to me that there needs to be. Thanks for asking:-)

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  1. I agree that is good one. Another situation that really concerns me here in Texas is gerrymandering. This was not an issue where I grew up in Sweden. However, here in Texas gerrymandering is a big problem. Politicians choose their voters instead of voters choosing their politicians making voting pointless. Instead of the winning party choosing whatever district boundaries they want to maximize the outcome for themselves enforce a redistricting rule such as it has to be a rectangle, or close to a rectangle (following a certain rules), or allow an independent body to decide on the shape of districts, to keep them competitive.

    Another law I would like to see is a carbon fee and dividend. Tax (or price) carbon emissions (greenhouse gases) instead of allowing polluters to destroy our atmosphere and planet for free, and then return to proceeds to citizens on an equal basis in the form of checks or direct deposits. This would create an effective incentive not to pollute while allowing lower- and middle-income households (who pollute less) to gain economically. Systems similar to this has been tried in many countries around the world and has been shown to be very effective in both reducing pollution and boosting the lower- and middle-income class.

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