So I have the ugliest old man really old man like okay wait that’s not really old anyways back in the fifties men used to wear those black leather shoes and they’re kind of rounded at the tip and it’d be sort of a old old version of a Doc Martin or something that wasn’t a high top you know I guess probably something Mr Rogers would wear anyways I’ve had them for 20 years and they have taken me everywhere they’ve taken me to work every day they’ve taken me to school place to skating rinks to Mexico too my mom’s funeral to the hospital they’re my favorite shoes. They are so flipping ugly and I can’t get them anymore cuz they stop making them so pretty soon I have to duct tape them right now I’m still at the use the black marker part because I babyed them but when those shoes finally give up the ghost I’m going to give him a full on ceremony of some kind I don’t know maybe I’ll just stick my hand through the part where your foot goes in and where the toes are all this open it up and pretend that they’re a dragons mouth because of course you know they stink after this many years and so I’ll open and shut the toes and pretend they’re dragons and then maybe eat she will get in a huge fight until one wins and the winner gets to Sam I meant mantle and the loser has to get buried or burned or thrown away or probably really put on the mantle next to the other one yep that’s my that’s my shoe story my favorite shoes thank you for asking sorry about no punctuation spelling or my run online sentences but I don’t have my glasses and I’m using voice to text and my phone rarely behaves can I at all

Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you.

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