Another trip to the butcher

Unless this one this doctor I should say is pretty wonderful and has yet to hurt me much So hopefully everything goes well all his preparation for the big show is killing me. But I suppose I’d rather them take baby steps and get it right than do it and never know that they got it wrong hahaha get it I made a joke okay don’t worry you never have to laugh at my jokes because I always do and they’re always the same and they crack me up and I belly laugh in a room by myself so like if that happens and somebody walks past that room and I’m in their belly laughing it doesn’t even bother me they usually take a second look but I rather it easy to an entertain I get bored easy but I am easily entertained okay wish me luck. If you save prayers please say one for me I am a little nervous actually today but nervous is to be expected I’m not afraid just a little nervous because I don’t like pain and I’ve had an awful lot of it lately know why that is why don’t people like pain hmm what we think because it flipping hurts and people don’t like to give pain medications they’d rather you go on the street and buy them from somebody who selling something that will kill you than they would to prescribe you a couple of tablets that would get you through for two or three days until the worst was over just an opinion that’s all I’m just saying

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