What are the stats for

I know they’re important or they wouldn’t be there but I don’t know what they’re for or why they’re there and I don’t know what to do with them. Anybody out there that can tell me? Well I know there’s somebody out there that can tell me but is there anybody out there that is willing to tell me?

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  1. Are you talking about stats as in statistics in general? If so there’s lots of useful statistics of all kinds. In my work I improved mail sorting machines by writing new software or modifying old software. I received lots of statistics all the time for how well the sorting was going so I knew which changes worked and which didn’t. In addition, the AI based algorithms I used worked by analyzing statistics related to the image of the address. The goal was 100% sorted correctly, and we were very close when I took early retirement. It saved the post office and other mail delivery companies billions of dollars in reduced costs. Statistics is very useful.

    But maybe you are talking about stats related directly to you.

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    1. Well I mean the ones on here there’s a whole page that says stats and menu but I don’t know what it does or why it’s there

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      1. Oh is it the visitor and visit statistics? If so you can get an idea how many people visit your blog and when, which posts get a lot of visits, etc. It is difficult for us blogging amateurs to use that information but a professional can use that statistics to grow your website. I haven’t tried it myself but that’s what I know.

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