A few stories about my mom

So first of all when I was really little she would let me pretend to be the mom and she would be the baby or the toddler and she would hold my hand and I would make her look both ways before crossing the street and then I’d stop her and say whoa whoa whoa do it again that was always fun. And then one day when I was older I came to and I said Mama my head’s messy and she just looked at me and said we’ll clean it up. She’s funny I miss my mom a lot she had a dry sense of humor and an innocent face so her face would look totally innocent and she would say things that were naughty but not in a way that you could identify but you knew because of the innocent look she put on her face she was really really skilled at this, she had been practicing that for a long time. She rarely ever cursed so if she did that meant you better run and when she got backed into a corner her job would ever so slightly lock and he had to really know her to see it that’s when you had to run cuz she was going to come out fighting every time and she won every time with whoever.. she didn’t fist fight but her word fights well they hurt worse than a pop to the nose. She was a very hard worker she had four kids and a grandchild, a husband, of course a household to keep up plus she worked full time and went to college all at once I don’t know how she did it but she did. She loved me and my brothers but she loved my daughter the most, she loved her with her whole heart and that made me happy because my mom’s kind of love was beautiful, she taught my daughter how to cook and sew and fish and go on road trips and do all kinds of things that I didn’t know how to do and then I couldn’t teach her and she even gave her the family home when she passed so that my daughter could raise her son there. Like I said my daughter and I we’re not together I want to be but she doesn’t and I’m still so happy that my mom taught her all that stuff and you gave her the house because I love my daughter so much and learned so much from my mom on how to love my daughter by watching her love my daughter. I don’t know I’m rambling now all I know is when I used to live at the house after my dad died I would have dreams and he would come and visit my mom and the dreams he never talk to me but he’s always look at me he’d see me but he didn’t really talk to me in my dreams and my grandma came to visit me my dreams but since I moved none of them come to visit me in my dreams I don’t think they can find me I guess that sounds really corny. Good night my mom died, my husband and I were having a stay cation which means that we put up some hammocks and we were just going to sleep outside for the night because we didn’t want to leave her and my brother was inside but you know across the hall and the Acoustics weren’t very good and he didn’t have a baby monitor like I did but I didn’t bring the monitor with me that night. When I talked to my mom in before going down to the hammock I invited her to come sleep in the hammocks with us and she said oh no honey no thank you but you can stay the night with me and I said Mama your bed’s too thin I’m too big and she scooched way over and she said no you would fit and I said well maybe another night and she said you can sleep with me any night you want well she died that night and I can’t sleep with her anymore I want I don’t think she her dying was my fault but I sure wish I had been in the house by the baby monitor instead of in that hammock. She’s in a better place and so is my dad and I wish they could find me at least in one dream but I have a lot of wishes okay I said my venting was over but I lied so now y’all know I’m a liar I must because I just did it. So long story short my mom was super cool my dad was super cool my daughter’s super cool I bet my grandson’s super duper cool and I miss all of them

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  1. Wow I relate to your post very much and you told it beautifully. I think both your parents were great parents, but your sounds really like a wonderful mom, and many things you say about her, make me think of my own. I enjoy your style of telling a story. Write and write… you express yourself so well.

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    1. Thank you so much no one’s ever told me that, I’m brand new to this and I’m trying really hard. It seems to help take the focus off of this stuff that hurts so much it’s like it lessens it I guess it’s true pain shared maybe not now but in time is pain cut in half


  2. Most of the things you have stated about your mom are relatable to me. In the end, your touching words and memories moistened my eyes. Thank you for writing on her. Stay blessed!

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      1. 🙏💐🙏

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