I miss my mom

When I was a little girl my mom was everything to me and then as I grew up it’s like I abandoned her but then she and her husband are 40 years really didn’t need me. But he died in 2015 and she needed me she needed me bad and thank God I was there and I stayed till the very last breath. Within a week of him passing she had to go into the hospital cuz she was so sick but she survived and for the first year my daughter and her ex-husband took care of her and I would come out on the weekends and then in 2016 I moved in and I stayed until she died in 2020. I miss her I wish she was here with me right now because she’d know what to do and how to help me she was such a prayer Warrior and she and I became very very close it was such a wonderful time of my life that part anyways. Her being sick and her health declining that part wasn’t fun but I was there and I didn’t leave her side, no matter what she’d ever said or done to hurt my feelings or make me mad I never held it against her. My daughter she’s not with me she won’t even talk to me and now that I need somebody my mom or my daughter I don’t have them but that’s okay because I have God I have a husband and I have a dog so even though I miss her well I miss them both I’m not alone but I still don’t know what to do I don’t know how to fix this. I can’t live like this but I also won’t do anything to not live like this in other words I’m not suicidal but I am a hot mess I really do need some divine intervention. I don’t really want any replies to this but I had to get it out of my head because I’m standing in my living room crying and screaming I miss my mom and I don’t want to be alive anymore and I’m asking God to please just let me die because the pain is so intense I can’t do anything to make it better no matter what I try and the doctors can’t help me yet unless I go to the emergency room and the one here is so bad, that’s where I keep getting these infections and poor surgeries so I don’t want to go there I just don’t want to go there I just don’t know what to do so anyways blah blah blah cry cry I’m so sorry I’m a Debbie Downer I’m really a nice person and I have a great sense of humor and I’m usually very playful and I write funny things and I draw funny pictures and I make people laugh a lot at least I used to now I don’t know who I am. This kind of pain I’ve never experienced before and I have a really good surgeon just a crappy Hospital okay I’m done venting well maybe not but for now

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. My mom died at the age of 56 from cancer (I was 30). It is very difficult.

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    1. I’m sorry, that’s so young!!! I’m just a big baby and when I’m hurting I still want my mama. I’m sorry for your loss too, we all know it’s gonna happen but when it does it just hurts so bad and never really stops. I still send her messages on Facebook, can u believe I’m such a nerd

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  2. My mom also died in 2020. You’re a kind and nice person. God will take care of you. Just keep faith in yourself and God. This difficult time too shall pass. All the very best 👍

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    1. I needed to hear that, I haven’t been on here much cuz of being sick and in the hospital and stuff and I’m having a really bad day so you just help me so much thanks! I’m sorry your mama died, I’m sorry mine did. I’m so weird I still send her messages on Facebook even though I know she can’t read them but I do it her and my dad both

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      1. So sorry to know about you! Wish you early recovery and good health. As regards your messages to your parents, I feel that they must be reading the same from wherever they are.


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