A daisy a day

For as far back as I can remember my dad would be out in the yard cultivating, separating, watering and weeding patches of daisies outside of every window of the house so that no matter where my mother was she could look at her window and see a daisy. They were so in love, and he meant the world to her. In 2015, my father died, and my mother was devastated,they had been together almost 40 years. He died while standing at a wood chipper designing his own personalized mulch for the daisy gardens. His doctor said he died before even hitting the ground. No one knows how long he was out there, but when Mom called him in for dinner, he didn't come, and that was the first time ever, so she went out there and found him face down. I don't know what she said to him or how she truly truly felt, but she's sat there with him for an hour. My brother called 911 and all of her children, and we came. She wanted to memorialize all the effort that he had put into their relationship so the two of us poured over ideas until we came up with planting a Gerry Oak which was fitting because his name was Jerry and he was strong as an oak tree. I promised her that when the tree got big enough, I would plant a heart-shaped patch of daisies to surround the base of the tree. And every year, we would go out on April 15th and have a little ceremony and add small items representing things that reminded us of him. He built the house with his siblings, so there were always items here or there we could find on the property and place them next to the plaque with his name on it. I painted a box and everyone in the family put something personal in it and then signed it, I also painted a box for my mother while she was still alive and she was able to place things inside the box that were personal to her that she hoped she would be remembered by too. One day, the flowers would grow, and the tree would be healthy and large, and the boxes were to hang from the limbs. This gave her hope and closure in small ways, but she died in 2020, and suddenly our family erupted and fractured, and the people who or the closest turned on each other. The tree still stands and grows, but the daisies never got planted, and all the different Daisy beds he made have died from neglect. You see, my daughter inherited the house and decided my promise to my mother meant nothing, and she wouldn't allow me to follow through. It's been 3 years now since I heard my daughter's voice, my grandsons, especially my mom's. Life Goes On, but it didn't go on the way I anticipated. I did, however, get to spend the last 4 years of my life working from home, caring for daisies, loving my mom, holding her hand every night until she fell asleep andand keeping as many promises as I could. Now that I have a home of my own it's time to buy a Gerry Oak and plant my daisies it may not be on their property that my dad built but it will be exactly as she wished only it'll be here with me. I do have a regret about the boxes that were painted, my daughter has the one I did for my dad and won't let me have it and I have the one that my mom and I put together and I wish expanded eternity hanging from the limbs of a strong who took such good care of its beloved Daisy patch below.

Was absolutely devastated. It was usual day, my dad was out at the wood chipper concocting his special mulch for the daisies “old Family secret” he would say. Mom was in the house cooking dinner. And when dinner was done, she called for him like she did every day for 40 years, but this time she got no response. My brother was there, so he went outside to see where Dad was at and found him on the ground. That’s what he called my mom, and she grabbed her walker and went outside and found my dad face down with no pulse. No one knows how long he was out there really, but Mom stayed out there for at least an hour, I don’t know what she said to him or to God, but I know within a week she was in the hospital almost dead herself. After 911 took my dad away, my mom was alone for a moment and that may have been a moment or the moment that she shed a tear Because by the time all of us kids got there she appeared in shock and really couldn’t say much. I kneeled down next to her and laid my head in her lap and told her I would never leave her alone as long as she lived. For the next almost 5 years I got to hold her hand while she fell asleep every night and hear stories of her life that I never heard before. The first year we decided to plant what’s called a Jerry Oak which was fitting because his name was Jerry and he was strong as an oak! Our plan was for when the tree got big enough. I would plant a heart-shaped patch of daisies around the base of the oak tree. I painted a box and all of my siblings and my parents’ grandchildren placed small personal items inside this box and then everybody sign their name,then we placed it in a hard plastic clear container to preserve its integrity because mom wanted me to paint her a box to match his, but she wanted to place items in this box while she was still alive and then have the rest of us do the same after she passed. Unfortunately when she passed in 2020 our family exploded and fractured, none of us have spoke since, my daughter inherited the house which still had dad’s box in it and of course the tree in the backyard, I have Mom’s box and I’m not allowed to plant the daisies or even come and visit my daughter or grandson. So now that I have a home of my own, the only way I can keep my promise is to plant a Jerry oak tree and plant the daisies. Now I know it’s won’t be on their property, and the boxes aren’t together as they should be, but I will keep my promise because no one else really has except me my brother for one, but above all because I love them both so much and I miss them with my heart and soul. They deserved better than this.

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  1. It is a heartbreaking story. I am so sorry about this.


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