Actually I’d like to cover one up that I already have

What tattoo do you want and where would you put it?

I have one on my right forearm that was done by somebody who said it was an original piece but turns out it was one of the mill part of intro to tattooing picture so, so I’d like to get it covered up, removed or just changed entirely. I trusted that person a lot and that hurt me pretty bad because they were my everything and said they did this original piece different show how much I meant to them and clearly I know now how much I meant to them. So I’d like to detach the emotions from the tattoo by changing it. If this makes any sense I don’t know but that’s what I would do if I get afford it right now and wasn’t so sick

One response to “Actually I’d like to cover one up that I already have”

  1. nada… i’ll just wear jewelry and clothing!

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