What is my favorite kind of weather?

First off I can tell you what’s not my favorite, I do not like snow, I do not like rain, I do not like ice, I don’t like it too hot, I like it about 70° out and my favorite time of the day is just before dusk.

4 responses to “What is my favorite kind of weather?”

  1. I do not like tornadoes. A tornado destroyed my neighborhood and damaged my house to the value of $50,000.00 in 2019. My dog Rollo does not like tornadoes and thunderstorms I actually like snow to ski on. But I guess my favorite weather is a warm sunny day that is not too hot (70 degrees like you).

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    1. One of my biggest fears is a fire tornado

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      1. Fire tornado, oooh, there’s a nightmare right there. Luckily I think they are super rare.

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