My cousin Lisa and cousin Annette

I’ll start with Lisa she lives in Tillamook and she saw that I was having a a lot of loss in a very short period of time a couple years ago and she went to Such Great Lengths to help me out and now I don’t even have her phone number or know how to go and get a hold of her without going to Tillamook so guess what I’m going to do soon? I’m headed to Tillamook, I’d like to surprise her and give her a gift that she would never in a million years expect. Secondly is my cousin Annette she’s actually in my bathroom right now caulking my bathtub and fixing all the mistakes that the remodel guys made and she’s done so much for my family but for my mother for my dad for my brother for me for my daughter and my ex-husband she is always there she never lets me down she’s late she’s the girl I talk about that’s late but she always shows up she’s my very best friend that’s family

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  1. You have great cousins. I have many great cousins too. That is a blessing.

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    1. I do have great cousins there’s a couple that are just so amazing and one I desperately want to reach but I don’t know how to so maybe one day she’ll reach out and find me the pandemic kind of scattered people in my family and a lot of us don’t know what happened to each other so weird

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