2 days agp

When is the last time you took a risk? How did it work out?

Well I’d like to call it an epic failure but I think it was even bigger than that I tried to communicate with my child and well she’s not ready and never will be so left me feeling horrible yeah I’m still going to take risks I’m just not going to take him with her because she’s 30 years old and this is going to sound really horrible to all of you readers because you don’t know the situation but I’m done she needs me she can call but I’m not I’m just done broke me again third time totally broke me and so you know my situation I have a whole lot of time left to get on broke so let us wait anyways. I risk taking hitchhiking didn’t get killed so that turned out okay parasailing loved it grew UPS didn’t snap I stayed up in the air until they got me down wonderful that’s the extent of my risk taking Behavior thank you for asking no punctuation in place because I’m using voice to text and I don’t feel like it thank you there’s a risk

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  1. We have also known the pain of an estranged child. Brave of you to speak about it.

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    1. So hard! I’m sorry for all of us. 3 years now, and it’s time to let go until she decides differently, clear in her decision. Im coming out of the but she is stubborn and very adamant unless she reaches my life must change, and it actually has, but I do still think of her everyday.

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    2. Thank you for calling me brave btw

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      1. It’s true. You’re welcome

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  2. I ride a motorcycle so I guess that may be a risk but on the other hand, it’s saved my life from all the other bullshit life throws at all of us… 😉
    There’s always something that’s incomplete or wanting. I guess we just need to learn to accept.

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    1. Yup, life I’d always changing, so learning to go with its flow is when I’m the happiest


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